The page started as portfolio for my self educated activities as quite creative textile worker then. The blog function allows to publish exhibitions and other public activities. A mixture of growing vita and invitation, program and documentation.

I worked on dressmaking, pattern, dying, embroiling, new functional accessories. In addition I draw up texts, flyers, catalogues, promotional items, were my own model…and so on…My nickname „asha“ became signature for the resulting works.

Arrival in the awesome surround of Kunsthaus Tacheles in 2006 influenced my activities highly. First a degree in natural science followed by withdrawn studies on textile topics: Here my immanent characteristics found a constructive valve the first time. In addition the lively surround enabled to rediscover ambitions in painting and thinking and gave it space without being misplaced. In these days asha became the art figure asha berlin. Well, that’s were I am from and my email account was named so since the browser needed an additive. So it fit.

In 2017 the page has been arranged new finally and presents a cross-section of my whole artwork.

Enjoy a look!