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Forget about the schedule. Here comes the June news which got stuck in private mode.

In between Italy won the European Championship in football. So after a coronal disaster Italians are the head of popular  entertainment.

I thought us in a hole in March? We just improve our knowledge about holes…

shoes on journey


These shoes are now on tour with a duality. They probably rave well. 


The lockdown has been almost unlocked.

It has been used optimally for a private take. The borders between dream and reality were virtually softened. A life act. Well done!

This was celebrated at a 61´s viewpoint. Just in the neighbourhood of banksies actual residence at Gleisdreieck and Potsdamer Strasse – a busy scene in ancient West Berlin. Times that obviously lie in the past even longer than what already becomes honoured in the freshly opened galactic Humboldtforum Berlin section.


Short Story

2 T plastic dresses„Re use of this bags“, Tesco bags, 2007

„BlackTrashQueen“, black plastic bags, paper dressperformed at „Englischer Garten“/shown @ MoCTA, 2011

„the girl stood out for Another Choice“, paper, to be performed still, Neurotitan, 2015


Meanwhile new projects become prepared…The stage tours in Berlins middle, the circus celebrates moonly, depth is deepened and Ying lifts one or the other mind. Iridescent logic – shiny times? 


In between we discover something different, inspired by an invitation:


When Japanese food was introduced the fascination was also the art of the decoration. Germans of course were primarily happy to get what is known as healthy food served in bite-sized bites…tsukiakari

This healthiness seems to be based on a nutrition excluding sweats. I hope you like Dango – natsuyasumi left and tsukiakari right


For completeness this forgotten piece, as recently noticed, from the series hugs&kisses is released. Working title: hugs&kisses – real virtual. A bad painting but hitting the signs of time…



A nice view finally…


C horses

Holes, loops, scopes…Elope. Lets get started!  CU soon!


50 plus – A recreative Spring

eieiei_01This has been a recreative spring so far. A turbulent May after passing the 1st of April relaxtartes moneted and a pink Easter with a lot of raspberry puree, mascarpone, meringue and marzipan. Voilà!

Gâteaux aux framboises   😉anschn

Well, not even 50 enjoyable and moving days later we successfully passed the queer idea of a curfew from 0 to 5 am. Why queer? Maybe it saved some youngsters from their spring feelings by decree but 80 % of the people sleep before midnight. Well, if home is such a cosy place 😉banner

8/10 of the 50+ are not effected by the curfew at all. Hmm

Meanwhile the vaccination quote increased and incidence decreased. So the first aim of outdoor catering has been reached as planned – holy spirit, it seems Pentecosts year. Now Berlin thousandths can be officially shared in common and public again.

outdoor catering

8/10 of the 50+ are satisfied. As than almost. Hmm

A little further a demonstration that huge and particularly important events, which the European Song Contest certainly is, can be realised with little effort and an acceptance as big as the enthusiasm by the thrilled audience. Danish moonlight shine from a deeper land and rocked the pot zitti e buoni – Oxymoron – as boded by signs in time with a meticulous style assemblage. Voilà!

maneskin 8/10 of the 50+ feel teenaged again. Hmm

ms-corona-avatarThe vintage generation parties itself. A retirement home for those who do not mind stepping on the spot has become prepared. What luck for 8/10 of the 50+!


Back to Berlin. Life keeps rolling. The summer will become bridged.

Street art?

Nice. But not exactly street art …

Public but local – street art will have to be photographed and spread flat.

A view on arts future on pflatforms?


The performance will entertain, colours will have to stand been displayed digitally, a new depth will have to be engendered. We’ve been working on that for a while already. Be curious!

Good things take time. CU soon!



Days become longer again. Some weeks of sprinkling spring of life passed. It is still fresh out there but obviously spring is pushing in.

We are in a hole right now.

Here comes a last loop.

djhugsArt on clothes thanks to digital print.  An upcoming trend.

These projects probably were born concurrently. Although they developed different
we find a correlation in time here.
Left the uncommercial version by screenshot-dolcezzaandrasha – wish and realisation and right a sweet commercial solution by dolcezza reaching out from Canada with an indicating retailer route.


Here comes another hole.

A painting is a moment. In which direction is movement expected?  Which direction is thought back, which forward?

Although done with an intention thought vice versa when done this one

more hugs

 can have been the visual inspiration for a great Ramones fans idea.

Just open a window.


to release a possible nice view.


A fantastic spring continues together after the show is done


 in various states.

Let´s create and enjoy united. CU soon!