You Wonder? Strike it Abstract!

I wonder what made me welcome this year so far. So I strike it abstract.


The Spring of Life congealed completely discreet in December. This donated d-sign, which has been given its path, the logo. To liquefy very soon!

Lateral thinking means transferring noticed, observed analogies of phenomena from different media to a common view. Without maths quite close approximative solutions are received. Da Vinci did that. Hm, and of course he put all in wonderful sketches, drawings and paintings…

Free thinking stays experimental (or visionary) and may not lead to innovation or be genius always, especially these modern days of a cocktail of high specific knowledge and nerds. But using knowledge, accurate study and observant awareness of analogies are still great helpers on understanding and solving.

And sometimes its just brain jogging among disastrous conditions…

I leave you with a decorative triple of abstracts which have there first jubilee these days.

Time´s up to meet again. CU soon!