Berlin Coronale

There we go – Berlin Coronale started. In honour of this occasion a little note is dropped here aswell.

c19This cute looking little creature with many tentacles keeps us busy these days. Now first consequences appear: Berlins schools will be closed for the next five weeks – Corona holiday! 

Mass events are canceled, social life is advised against, public life increasingly is paralysed.c192
Corona vita advices: Have a healthy
diet to improve your condition, respect some „good matters“ concerning cough, sniffles, sneezing, don’t become to biophob, mark that giving this little viper that name has a similar quality as calling your tax software magpie and….

Good luck!

Super hero marvellous: In a TV video about 30 places  disappearing Berlin Tacheles made it on place one by votation(?!). This moves Berliners more than their city airports – haven´t seen that. The culture roundabout is spinning, history is made….

This is what public media bring us this days. They stay silent about the rest – the Corona expurgation?  Dear people I will have to go out NOW and investigate majestic city life and take care of the art after.

Here come some personal news by chance: * The precious collection of dresses by asha is now presented at ashaFashionArt. Assist flushing the stock!

It´s not a question if but when? So take care to enjoy and don’t retire too strictly!

Thank you being such a delicious spring of life! CU soon!