I*H*O – I Hold On!?!

…well I do, of course… to some special „things“…

butterfly-eye2But actually I*H*O stands for „Isis-Horus-Osiris“,  an art project where one of my eyes took part this month in absence. A little transformed obvisiously.
View more at http://isis-horus-osiris.com as you like. And do as I do: Enjoy the photowork.

By the way – that leads directly to other topics to be proceeded:

The moon still didn´t catch enough sepia – so let your hair down, come and smoke @ the Trödler.

And –

Remember the potential „Spring of Life“? It has been selected to become the pilot project of andrasha.com [ you can already catch a sneak preview;)] …supposed to lead to the djack which currently hangs out with art.
A welcome move actually though unclear if this leads to become a private treasure.

To be continued…