We Are The Dolphins

Time goes by…

The ´Bonds Of Love` were joined by a nice little revival of common street life. Then it fell into silence, other happenings absorbed lots of energy causing an ice age influence. At least we discussed the theme for the following group exhibition. This led us to something between bonds of art and chemical bonds and generated this:

art bonds    tucholsky-19Tucholsky already muscled in, we have a Podesian wall for foreign affairs, art and even life music sometimes…The whole was made a facebook event  and is running still.loxxx


LOXXX seems quite applicable;)


Hugh, before I forget: Anders Kamp – old fellow from the ACUD ensemble performing the serendipity gallery working closely together with the institute of pataphysics and united artists – announced that the documentation on http://www.serendipity-gallery.de will become closed and to be seen on http://www.galerie.trio-sabotage.de  from next year. Have a review.

All in all tri voli has to come back into focus to warm up the season which can not be skipped.

dolphins drawing



„We are the dolphins“ is the visionary and conspiratorial message. That’s why we jump sometimes anyway.

CU soon!