It´s the year to B52 – Time to say Hello

It´s the year to B52 and the metal rat – quite hot steel so this should work out!

Since yesterday, after a lousy weekend, we had the first nice bright day. With a touch of spring of life. ashas Wednesday just ended. It is definitely time to say HELLO!

The skipped season has been quite illustrious and busy enough not to show up here. These and that, between lovely repetitions – they exist – and such you can easily live without, even new germs sprout. For a little art you should maybe get at least a keyword list at once, but this can wait until next time also. I´ll be back soon anyway:)

Ok, the new year has been started with the natural given delay – and with a little hangover of last years future projects. After the need to travel to the tools – thanx Berlin, I call it design tourism – it brought us this inter alia:



The homemade bootleg. Since handmade seems a quite elastic term these days homemade stands for singularity and manual craft.


A hidden facial series, which therefore will stay unreleased online of course, got started and is still in process of development. A dino has been managed to be almost cured and a another universe has been assisted to become installed  – now I will have to be given the code…

I decided that being asha berlin demands design to become labeled from now on. In a brillant conformance of phasing out and getting started a sell out of what´s left of the mindful works of past decades is launched on This is also a concession to the possibility of reality of fiction: empty the stock and take off light!

Thank you for being – always appreciated! CU soon.