Leds Zepple in to Another View

After the latest view on perspectives leds zepple into a view on now. It is a view on the duality of reality and fiction – which students of sociology deal as well as signologists. They treat it as an antithesis which has to be bridged. What happens if they would be mixed?

Just where once an artist collective running the serendipity gallery I discovered this paper. newspaper One of them were taken to a familiar caffetteria. The serendipity collective was quite mixed. Some were also located in archives´ as-long-as-it-lasts studio. The rest of that space has been transformed into a youth club style location with high engagement in music of this style:

oder wo

An event announced already in march and now coming actual. The serendipity collective reached out to tbg where other artists rumoured. They had a quite tachelisian history up there also and were in its transition period when the first participants passed its Zenit a while ago already. Finally persiflages of certain scenes are played by a mixed ensemble as show in a theatrical house kule just next door from the caffetteria. This set nics with one side of the medal yardlife as announced by a painted bunch of avatars. Likewise a continious script is done at various places. The ensemble takes reality and turns it into fiction. Does that turn fiction to reality? First of all it a makes the world a theatre betting on the same deal and yes, partially it does of course.

The other side of the medal shows what also moves on meanwhile. mixed and an interesting moment in the neighbourhood. btrt followed by the political discussion next day. Cinematic.

This all is the art of the working class – keep´ em busy and make´em pay forthe show . As well as it is  for those going for power and big deals and some other smart setting creators. A deal is if you get peace, a piece of the cake after the race (a word of interesting double meaning if translated to German…as ´performance´) and release. In between „The Field Testers“ add their interventions. Guessing, and yearning for their reward.

Imagine that all this is played in the middle of a communication breakdown between curly silence and blacklisting.

Obviously it needs only one brilliant actor and a crowd of parrots ignoring the inherent vice of their setting and that might seem as somebody is trying to fill in the spring of life and is in a hurry get ready in time…August finally sent a drip at a quarter to twelve anyway.

Leds zepp that quickly to make it the comedy which it is was thought to become – CUsoon!