Hello There – it´s 2019 Now!

Hello there-

progress on things apart from art…

A short trip to Vienna took me to a Monet exhibition in famous Albertina and a view into the museum shop. Ok it´s art, there is a lot about water lilies and I am no botanic – but what do you think of this?


I would have bought one when the little forms would have had a sticker explaining them as on the selling box. Without I guess one can offer the left stock to the hemp museum as well.

In the Burgtheater they deal with almost traditional – nevertheless seemingly endless actual – social barriers and problems a play written by  Werner Schwab. 


Volksvernichtung oder meine Leber ist sinnlos am Burgtheater

Barbara Alli, WienJust a few streets further Ms Barbara Alli runs a fashion store which seems to be the realisation of my pre-millenial image on fashion. Something between cosy familiar, well done and musty. She seems to strike it quire successful though.


Taking farewell from 2018 allows quite a nice review on a bundle of really pleasant surprises and advances – to be continued. Of course some slung mud took place – to be reduced. Over all the actionism art came a little to short…a little drawing and its modification here @ least

jam, drawing           jam at hangar, modified




For us:

Best wishes for a felicitous 2019 and and a happy reunion!