Wether report of a tag thunderstorm

May 10th.

Six pretty cold and windy weeks later. Things spin around but I seem in the eye of the storm. Course questionable and probably to be corrected. Ok then.



Mainly done in the end of ´14 already and then to be completed by some details this painting had not been finished when parts of its symbolism all of a sudden gazed mundane settings…

„Thanks for all the fish“ said the dolphin

  (hope they´re fine)


              Carrots for the donkey say I 🙂

Let a fishy step turn into a successful rollout on the desired outcome.

C U soon!









Last Minute Month

March has almost meant to be skipped…

Although neither without certain success nor unproductive, progress was rather done in fields of peripheral personal matter. More those which hopefully encourage advance. Holding on to my ideas on the other hand actually demanded some real effort of will from me and its success is questionable.

pieaceContributing a little piece of peace to the exhibitive temple of peace therefore had to be spiced with a little sense of humor. A crystal glass-ball giving just a nebulous sight, to be cleared by the more curious explorers whose interest goes deeper than to a superficial glance.

And then, at last minute, my source of vision, wish and realisation occured and helped me once more to warm up.  I will return the favour.

So finally March claimed an „intensive“ and progress is clearly back in sight…make it real!






I*H*O – I Hold On!?!

…well I do, of course… to some special „things“…

butterfly-eye2But actually I*H*O stands for „Isis-Horus-Osiris“,  an art project where one of my eyes took part this month in absence. A little transformed obvisiously.
View more at http://isis-horus-osiris.com as you like. And do as I do: Enjoy the photowork.

By the way – that leads directly to other topics to be proceeded:

The moon still didn´t catch enough sepia – so let your hair down, come and smoke @ the Trödler.

And –

Remember the potential „Spring of Life“? It has been selected to become the pilot project of andrasha.com [ you can already catch a sneak preview;)] …supposed to lead to the djack which currently hangs out with art.
A welcome move actually though unclear if this leads to become a private treasure.

To be continued…