Next Year Already – Happy next year!

Time goes by…

Welcome to 2021!

I hope you had a good journey and wish you a pleasant stay.flatty

Due to the lockdown Fireworks had been prohibited. We don’t strike that militant here because people seem to enjoy or keep distance anyway but much less than usual was to be expected. I had previously jokingly expressed concerns about how the „evil spirits“ should now be driven away …In any case the idea of an overview of the whole city became attractive. On the trip to Teufelsberg and really far from a bursting tire changed my plans…It was fixed about 23:59 😉 Still cleaning up and just in time to enjoy the minimised Fireworks at the next crossing. So seemingly buggered I finally had a nice time and said good bye to ´20 very relaxed with fireworks and a BANG and then had a surprisingly nice New Years holiday. OK

b by night

B by night. CU soon!


Next – Full Moon – Already

Next moon already.

from dusk till dawn

November came with an almost vintage style cold wave. It just past telling good bye with a the next full moon and December started nice. Just in time the moon project appears with its next layer.

The grey shaded starter collected sepia at the trödler and only last month it helped us out for the BlueMoon already. Here we are.

From Dusk till Dawn

So this is the whole visible at any time of the night. Especially in this time of the year that means two out of three parts of the day;) The left hours shout for a next painting.
A painting isn’t done until it´s sold since it can be changed until. Would someone please assist to complete this job?!

ashasadler - blauer ReiterEspecially following is a changed painting. A face (discover the left eye) became ashasEagle. According and perseeding the history transcript started with the impressionists it´s functioning as BlueRider properly.

ms-corona-avatarThe mask becomes symbol of a basic interest: In fact the corona reglement is experimental and therefore questionable and the handling not always comprehensible exactly.  Stupidity as despotism – which obviously causes uncomfortable conditions – pop up here and there. Weren’t we exactly encouraged to learn from history and stand against such ambitons? This balance has to be taken care of as of sensible germs or raw eggs as you like…

Berlins afford to become cycling city – a call that has resonated far already – brings us more pop up stories from rideways,  construction areas and detours which polarise the car traffic. On empty streets you have the chance to drive easily in perfect harmony with the pedestrians even self- thinking. One or the other traffic light i.e. will become useless if no cars are aro
und. Of course some zealous law enforcement officers pop up for a collection at the cyclists. Please remember: The most dangerous road users are annoyed car drivers. The really nervous ones are supplied with SUVs today…Next raw egg.

Enough of that now.

Life has its pitfalls – carpe diem.

As told it´s cold outside and closure of social and public places does the rest…Some moves are done anyway and urban surround still offers little discoveries.
Inside I enjoy every rinse of the spring spending warmth and wonder if I will get a homemade panetone industrial fluffy. Hm. Since it tastes well a little less also I allow myself one more try…One can also spend time at the phone for amusement with theatre telecomunicative (tt). For my sake.

The magic touch is as corona – some have it, most do not. Thanks for reading this blog.

 Lets go on and share some magic time! CU soon!



Blue Moon 1.0 – A and Ω of Impression

Blue Moon 1.0 has been completed and also a little paint&think art project called „The A and Ω of Impression“ finally. New mobility occurred. Now we can ride the future and moove the way together.

THE moon againIn fact Blue Moon had just been completed and the black Berlinale passé when on first@0pm November rushed in with the punktual performance of Hood Robin and The Shy Singer.
Smooth operation – masked, of course, since corona is still kept as systematic claw. On 2nd any institution of public social life was told to become locked. Since 3rd the USA grapho mapleelect, union pending. The Canadian club brought me one dried maple leaf which two were documenting carefully and a lot of whisky for Ram. Misfortunately he did not took it well. Ramini therefore got the difference between alder and mahogany 😉

Jazz thinks this too much sugar for a dime.

I think being with the spring of life is always in time. There is little anything without in fact.


Art is back

Here comes a little hommage to impressionism titled „The A and Ω of Impression – Manet and Monet 2.0„.

A series of little discoveries in great temporal density gave birth to this little concept art project already in the beginning of this year:

  • a photo of the new Huawei research campus in Dongguan on the front page of a local newspaper,
  • a  broken bulletproof glass found, the shape of which is immediately reminiscent of a famous haystack, and
  • an announcement of Hasso Plattner collection in the Barberini Museum in Potsdam from September.

September was far, canvases were just prepared – then the coronal chaos caused a considerably delay. Facing November these two small pictures like that became the ConceptProject 2020. Off we go!

The contemporaries are considered to be shining pioneers of impressionism and yet were of minds as diverse as they can get. Born not even ten years before his colleague thoughtful and thought-out Manet is an example for an intellectual and rather unhappy personality. He died aged 51 already and never felt understood gaining recognition as representative of Impressionism, which already in his lifetime based on an emotional and abstract brushwork and colour-handling which Monet was a figurehead for. This cheerful hedonist turned 86 with a big family in the green outside Paris. One can together they really encompass the era of impressionism.

As big as the gulf between their beings, so obvious to use the small difference in their names to describe a comprehensive horizon. In accepting a spherical shape of the earth, we agree that the horizon is not the end.

Both paintings do expressly have no intention to copy the painters of course, but to fetch their minds and illustrate an emphatical and humorous transcription to 21st century.

Huawei – Who are we? Oil/Canvasmanet_2.0 Huawei who are we

Instead a constructed situation, the Huawei research campus in Dongguan appears as real photo motif for Kevin Frayer and landscape image with small irritations – an exotic flock of animals and bright orange vests and aprons.

The Haystack

monet 2.0An enjoyable approximation. The transparent haystack is reminiscent of a spinning top in the play of colors of the momentary sensation, a poppy morning. The piece of broken glass given it shape glued-on adds a touch of modern mixed media.


Life´s good when it feels good. You make it feel good. CU soon!