The last months I spent in excursions and gaining the ability of production management successful finally.

One or the other excursion let me pass one or the other little gig:

Samsung introduced an VRapp in corp with street art in Mitte, Pberg and Xberg. Simultaneously in bikinihaus they presented large screens and lightboxes in combination with gimmicks which led to this selfie……



I haven´t done less creative things than in these months in years. What do you think this feels?

Howsoever the dphoody

hoody-ccbecame prepared to be released and one piece has just been sent on its trip now: As special souvenir for world class backgammon champion Masayuki Mochizuchi (Mochi) – special guest at „En Passent“ – from Backgammon Berlin .

Backgammon dp hoodyGood luck!


Keeping it growing slow

Keeping it growing slow the unique special non industrial edition of capn´ shoes is to view and touch at a lovely head dresser now.  Take your chance if you like it artisan! It´s temporarily.


Keeping it growing slow andrasha – the printing experience is to view next door as branding concept temporarily..




Keeping it growing slow also produces these wonderful correlations! But also tells clearly that this blogs time definitely is up!

Two weeks ago this has been discovered available

in famous ethletic online shop. And just yesterday evening I dropped into a shop party at converse, Mitte, celebrating their latest output – isn’t that great?!! Probably the funniest moment of the month!


Lets call that capn’shoes by converse :).  Obviously we’re are a year too slow for the big fish but where published a little earlier to a very exclusive little community at the shoemakers and now at the same time at least! Haven’t been closer yet.

Main stream finally? Private finally! I love it.

A final gimmick in the starting hole I say ciao for today. CU!


Taken into Account

No new exhibition…but I have been invited to add a little temporary installation in a small fine gallery in Mitte. The owner has taken into account some of my paintings for further options. Here’s his selection:



I’d call it quite dark subjectively. Lets see what happens. If something subjectively good follows that – would be a

hummer!    img_2013    lobster!

Still running with a more colourful selection: The so called Intermezzo just next door.