Summertime, Soap, Sweet Tricks and Simple Lies

Summertime! Last six weeks unveiled some of all. I made a little trip. Since school holidays were early this year I could enjoy Italy relatively empty and visited Turin the first time.

Being single I took the chance to visit some museums… Well, this won’t become a deeper report, but one discovery is for you:






Eusebio FERRARI, 1475, Palazzo Madama, Turin

This man with the remarkable name showed his little holiness in such an untypical way that it made me laugh out spontaneously. More than five hundred years later the same facial expression and body language are completely commonplace . To show what rushed through my brain I changed it a little bit:ferrari_2




Skateboard even structured in the orignal…


On my way back I had a fish market sourced deja vu in Suisse. Not enough it was followed physically in Mitte… At least Berlin welcomed me back nice for almost a day on 31st of July. WOW. Then August packed a punch – TGIO!

`Bond of Love´(2012) and some brand-new abstracts are temporarily to be seen at Buchhandlung. This is a nice thing.


Now about soaps. First: they never end. But typically somewhen comes the point when the original crew has been replaced more or less and the story rather have an end or future could start. Then the story becomes „corrected“ a little bit for late entrants and the simply addicted audience, which doesn’t care about the falsification, and the whole can go on in same manner…Latest from here it becomes unattractive (for me).

A good trick can appear as sweet little lie, but a simple lie is very rarely a good trick. Relaxed and patient as I am in certain ways I tolerated one or the other as well as spy calls and distorted communication  in the last sixteen months. Anyway somewhen something good must come out of it otherwise it just causes loss of face. Some might be lucky not to loose much;) Beware anyway..

To turn an older lady loose forces change certainly. Keep peace. CU soon!