LOXXX – publication overdue

This has been done than – as a tribute to the subject of urban street trash art. LOXXX was meant to be read or completed in accordance to observers association.

My idea: Love … maybe low once in a while…taken with a smile

loxxxLast autumn a friend of my twelve year old son remarked LOL exists somewhere – without closer idea. Two month ago I  discovered a movie [next generation 80ies teenie movie] and -ok- meanwhile I found it´s propper old hat…LOL…Now in may the re:publica, a conference of european digital society taking place in berlin this month and in Dublin and Thessaloniki (lol) later this year, uses it as slogan in the awesome creative variant of „love out loud“.

Can´t hardly LOL enough. At least this fits with my low above…

Further May again brought to light that a hole of water is a spring of life and sometimes it´s a hole what keeps the whole together- blessed to have a hole in our life still! To be taken care of.

CU soon!