We Close The Circle

Hi, folks – long time not read. Here´s the report:
In june the spring of live bubbled – what has been really nice. Then on the spot on 1st of july a heavy frost got up emerging an iceberg at once in fact. Luckily a following heatwave let it melt causing a gentle flow. We could have done a good turn if an ultimative break (starting 1st of August) wouldn´t have damed it up topsy-tuvifying some things. We successfully mastered quite some work to pick up speed again! Since I´ve been in quarantine for nearly a week it feels as we have a lull now.    Well, today I´ll have a first glance on the outdoor situation.

As variable the conditions as, although related, condradictionary  seeming visions
where brought up –  call them Asign and Dsign.

They dsign2advance each other and at least some painting comes with it.
So now those who like to listen on the doors are a little updated again 😉

Lets lift the balance level – CU soon!