I won’t chew that gum again! – Handed in Later

Drafted already in the end of may and forgotten to publish…handed in later:

I wont chew that gum again but I did to end the confusion which has been maintained desperately. Latest blog unveiled some filters and errors. It also caused the climax of an unlikely act exclaimed in October 2017 and a sinister silence on the wrong spot. Guess I should have asked for a swing

overlookedProbably funny was that just a day after calling d-sign obsolete a project I adopted in peace popped up again.hugs-enlighted11

Still remain to be done – ok. Less enthusiasm does no harm in trying.

You will remain with this little pieces working well with a little accessory appeared, spending the most revitalising impulse these days.

Are there any trees whose leaves aim to disappear in the soil? Or fizzing springs causing draught?

Dear sirs – a bootcamp is not a shoe shop.

I’ve been admitted to take my time – I did. CU very soon!